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T.E.N. performing on Second Story Garage

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T.E.N. EP to be released on April 1st


T.E.N.  releases a limited-edition EP on April 1st, 2013, in honor of their one-year anniversary.  Featuring songs from their recording session at Hyde Street Studios, which was also the first day the supergroup ever played together.  Download this collector’s item on iTunes!   Experience the power of 10.  Download this collector’s item on iTunes.

10-Star Outreach

pedalT.E.N. & We Are 10 Star!  are joining forces with Pedal on the Pier create a more level playing field for LA’s inner-cities!  We spin, kids win!   Help us make a difference!  Click to support the all-star 10-Star team!


T.E.N. Press Highlights

T.E.N. recently had fuN talking about seX & rocK on Erotic City Radio, hosted by the Playboy Station.  T.E.N. was also recently highlighted on “Good Morning San Diego”  Check out the Press page for more news about T.E.N.!

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